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Biohazardous Cleaning

Viral infections such as COVID-19 and other micro organisms can risk human life and compromise our environments. We provide state of the art sanitisation to fully mitigate harmful biological threats.

Worker Carrying Asbestos Board

Asbestos Testing

With years of experience, our EPA certified inspectors assess areas that may contain asbestos. Our lab testing provides a comprehensive report evaluating content percentages and or clearance documentation. We understand the complex regulations regarding asbestos and offer immediate 24hr rush services.

House Painting

Lead Testing

Using our non-destructive lead paint analyzers provides a better way to identify the presence of lead paint on multiple surfaces prior to repair restoration or painting.  L&K provides a fast and accurate method of measuring lead in multilayer coatings and uneven surfaces.  Our expert lead paint analysis provides immediate on-site evaluation reporting.

Mold Testing

Mold can hide within walls and surfaces of your home or business.  It not only damages property but can cause serious health effects.  Utilizing LK professionals will help you identify and remedy the total cycle. Without trained professionals mold can regrow within several weeks.

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Air Quality & Surface Testing

Air Quality & Surface Testing
There is no better peace of mind than having L&K Environmental's air quality testing to ensure your family is safe.  As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of air quality and health.

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